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January 8th, 2013, 01:49 PM
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Here's the deal: I am not trying to get pregnant by any means but I have been very sloppy with my pills lately (which I know is bad!) I'll try to organize this so it's easy to follow...

December 17-21: Regular, normal period
December 23: Supposed to start new pack, forgot...
December 26: Started new pack 3 days late
January 1-3: Forgot to take pills (took 2 days of double doses once I noticed)
January 3-8: Sporadic bleeding, started out almost like a normal period, but without any cramping, and now it's light brown spotting.

During this time I had unprotected (pull out) sex on the 26th, 30th, 31st, and 5th. I am 23 years old and also on antibiotics.

My real period isn't expected until January 15th so it's soon to just take a test and be done with it, so I'm hoping for some reassurance (or blunt honesty) of my chances of being pregnant given these signs. I am assuming that the bleeding is from my less then accurate use of the pill, but the fact that I am bleeding is a good sign that I am not pregnant, right? Should I even bother taking a test, and if so, when? Is it likely that I will still have my regular period on the 15th even though I've been bleeding for days now?
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