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January 8th, 2013, 02:40 PM
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Well it depends on how often you have been taking the pill and for how long. Usually they say the month you are currently on will still be in your system next month. When you keep taking the pill regularly it kind of builds up in your system (which is why it's not always possible for women to get pregnant right when they come off the pill, assuming they have been on it a while).

I'm not saying it's NOT possible, but I was on the pill for 8 years and routinely forgot and never had an oops. was off them for a year (not ttc) and got pregnant (a bit of an oops- but a great one!)

It's *probably* just your body trying to have a period since you haven't been taking a pill the last few days. The pill usually will regulate your cycle to be about 28 days, but that doesnt mean your body is naturally a 28 day cycle. so being off the pill for a bit may make your body say "hey, pills! You can control AF! I do! muahaa!!" or something like that

Anyway, good luck! Test in a week if you aren't still sure

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