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January 8th, 2013, 05:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Davis720 View Post
Well it depends on how often you have been taking the pill and for how long. Usually they say the month you are currently on will still be in your system next month. When you keep taking the pill regularly it kind of builds up in your system (which is why it's not always possible for women to get pregnant right when they come off the pill, assuming they have been on it a while).
I have never heard this before. Where did you get this from, out of curiosity?

Simply missing one pill can lead you to get pregnant, let alone missing so many at numerous times. Furthermore, being on some types of antibiotics can render your pill ineffective, and your physician or pharmacist should have told you this.

If your boyfriend has been pulling out every time you've been having sex, you're less likely to get pregnant...but it isn't impossible.

If you don't want a baby, I'd suggest being a lot more careful. I'd also recommend a different type of not taking the pill correctly can cause havok in your body. It can really cause all sorts of problems...I really wish doctors made people more aware at what messing with your hormones can do.

Taking a pregnancy test in a week or so may be a good idea.

Good luck!
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