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January 8th, 2013, 07:28 PM
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What number are you TTC (First,second etc.)? - Both of our first.

How many cycles of active TTC before you got this BFP? - 13, I believe, though it was a bit longer.

Did you temp, use OPKs, check CM, chart? - I checked CM, CP, used opk's, and towards the last few months, I charted. I tried to temp, but my job had me getting up and going to bed at different times, so it wasn't feasible.

Did you ovulate regularly? - As far as I know, but different days. It fluctuated from CD16-21 all together. Usually 18-20.

What was your strategy? OR What did you do differently this cycle?OR what is the one thing or combination of things that you think directly contributed to this BFP? - Honestly, it was just dumb luck. We only had sex once and I ovulated WAY late this time, at like CD 33 or 34. I honestly think getting a pap helped, because TMI, but after it was over, I had light light spotting and little chunks of hard, dried CM came out of my cervix. o_o To think something like that could have been obstructing my cervix, it could have been a week it could have been the freaking year. It wasn't bothersome because they were small, but that could have been the issue, since we conceived not that cycle, but the following cycle. It just seems weird. :S

Did you take a supplements, herbals? Special diet? - At first I was all about supplements and cutting down on caffeine and alcohol, but after about 5-6 months I was basically like "screw it, I can't change my life so much for something that's not happening", so I only on and off tried certain supplements/herbs, but didn't take them regularly anymore. I tried things like EPO and yam root for a cycle, I think in September. I tried to cut down on caffeine, but not by a ton. lol

What did your DH do to 'help'? - He quit smoking, but still drank TONS of caffeine. Like TONS. lol Though I didn't really encourage him to stop. Why should he change his life so much too if I wasn't anymore?

Any other words of wisdom for those who are TTC? - Don't give up, ladies! I know it's stressful and depressing and sometimes you feel like it really will never happen, but it can! :hugL

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