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January 8th, 2013, 10:28 PM
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Pretty cool to see somewhat familiar faces here

Originally Posted by marriedtoamountie View Post
I don't understand how people can get delivered that early when all of my doctors have refused to do even a vaginal check until the end of my 40th week.
I actually went to high school with a girl who stopped drinking water and eating in an attempt to start premature labor. That's an extreme case (I hope); she gave the baby up for adoption after this idiotic stunt. But I have had many friends who decided to go against doctors orders and do everything they could to start labor before they were even 38 weeks. It makes me so sad for those poor babies.

Originally Posted by daneeleigh View Post
My really good friend delivered a 5lb something baby and her doctor has her convinced she should have had a csection because she was too small. Apparently not, she delivered vaginally. And her doctor went straight to the vacuum for pushing.
That's horrifying. Those are the kinds of doctors you hear horror stories about.

Originally Posted by keekopeeko View Post
I feel like I am "done" when my baby tells me they are coming!
A-freaking-bob! There's a reason doctors (used to) want to wait until the baby was ready! I understand that there are sometimes health concerns that prevent babies from coming on their own. For the most part though, the baby knows when it's time - otherwise we'd have a very unpopulated world! I hope the DDC doesn't get that bad, though. Does it usually? I may have to stay away too, with the lack of tolerance I already have for people saying stupid things

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