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January 8th, 2013, 11:18 PM
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pairs of shoes do you own?Counting all flip flops and boots (winter, riding, work etc) probably close to 20... I am a wear 1 pair of shoes for the whole season kinda gal though... no different pair every day for me
times a week do you wash your hair?3.5 usually every second day. less if I don't shower as often... when I get a stretch of about 3 weeks where I won't be seeing anyone, I'd really like to eliminate shampoo, but your hair has to go through a really nasty phase while the oils/ph balance out... I'm not ready for that yet
children do you have?expecting #1
bathrooms does your home have?Just 1 if we finish the basement, we'll put in a second.
vehicles have you owned?we currently own 3, but over the course of my driving career I've owned a total of 6.

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