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January 8th, 2013, 11:52 PM
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well om on day 2 of my second mth temping .not had a great few days ,iv been on right downer tbh , how do we girls keep going after mth after mth of bfn ? sometimes it seems like im wasting my time like its never gonna happen ,then other times im like i know it will happen it is just a matter of time .im so up and down at the minute ,and i cant seem to stop it

do i try to hard ? who knows
do i get stressed mmm yes lol

it just seems so unfair that its not happening . when im doing everything right to get pregnant .
sometimes i think i should just give up ,but i know i cant do that either ,its like no matter what i do its not right at the min , not been this neg or down for a while and im finding it hard to snap out of , i know i will in the end and be happy positive me ,i just dont know when , i hope its soon tho ,i hate being a misrable moo .

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