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January 9th, 2013, 08:40 AM
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Do watch the Business of Being Born! It's excellent and will help get you started.

Some questions to consider asking your Dr;
*What are your guidelines concerning weight gain, nutrition, prenatal vitamins, and exercise?
*How would you handle Preeclampsia?
*How do you feel about labor induction prior to 39 weeks? Search results*|*March of Dimes
*Will you allow a mother to go a full 42 weeks before induction? The Truth About Inducing Labor: What Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Know | Healthy Living - Yahoo! Shine
*How long will you allow a mother to labor before turning to pitocin/medications to speed things up?
*Do your routinely break the bags of water/rupture the amniotic membranes in labor?
*In what case would you deem a c-section necessary? Ie; Breach? Baby "too big" (and how to you determine that?)? Past EDD (by how long?)? Following a long labor/"failure to progress"? etc.. Top Ten Signs Your Doctor Is Planning To Perform An Unnecessary Cesarean Section On You | Frisco Women's Health Blog
*How do you feel about routine IV's? Is hep-lock an option instead?
*How do you feel about continual fetal monitoring? Do you have a portable monitor, or allow intermittent instead?
*Do you allow mothers to eat/drink and move around freely during labor?
*What would you do in the case of meconium?
*Do you preform routine episiotomies?
*Do you routinely give pitocin after birth?
*Do you allow delayed cord clamping? Science & Sensibility Common Objections to Delayed Cord Clamping – What’s The Evidence Say? The Most Harmful Medical Intervention Is Done to All of Us - La Leva di Archimede (ENG)
*How do you feel about Doulas being present?
*How do you feel about a Birth Plan?
*What percentage of your patients have vaginal births?
*What percentage of your patients have natural/Unmediated births?

(If anyone can think of anything I've missed, please add to this list!)

I have provided you with a few link for your own research, but I wouldn't necessarily go into the appointment, guns blazing, armed with a bunch of scientific facts. Not yet at least. Ask your questions, and simply listen to how the Dr responds. You should get a really good view on their perspective of birth, and a feel for how they handle labor and birth by their responses. Hopefully they will be respectful of your questions and answer them in a way that keeps you in charge of decision making. If after the appointment you feel reassured and confident in their care, great! But if you are left with a negative impression, follow your intuition and consider seeking out an alternative care provider.Good luck!!

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