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January 9th, 2013, 10:44 AM
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C-section or vaginal? Vaginal

Medicated or unmedicated? Medicated, got an epi

Induction or any interventions during labor? My water broke and I wasn't having contractions so I had pitocin

How long was your labor? Water broke at 1:30 AM had Nicholas at 2:12 PM so about 13 hours.

How long did you push? Through 2 1/2 contractions maybe 5 minutes if that.

How was your recovery? Recovery was easy, I think I recovered faster than my DH

If you’re planning more children, is there anything you’d do differently next time? I am not planning any more children, but IF I was to get pregnant again I would love it if it was my OB who delivered me, beyond that everything else was as I wanted.
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