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January 9th, 2013, 05:00 PM
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C-section or vaginal? Vaginal
Medicated or unmedicated? Unmedicated homebirth
Induction or any interventions during labor? No induction. No medical interventions, although we did have a few issues. Had a swollen cervical lip that my MW shoved two ice cubes up my vag for.
How long was your labor? 24 hrs from first painful cx to delivery.
How long did you push? Just a few mins, 3 pushes, I think??
How was your recovery? I had SPD for a few weeks after, but healing from my tear has gone very well.
If you’re planning more children, is there anything you’d do differently next time? Not really planning on having more, but if God sees fit to bless us again, I will definitely be doing another homebirth!

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