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January 9th, 2013, 05:30 PM
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Aw that's so cute how excited they are. how special to share that with them. Yeah i had 1 U/S at 6 weeks and didn't see anything besides the flicker.

So i don't know if this will be my only U/S or if they typically do one later. I am so excited for it thou!!! Can't wait to see the baby and see it move myself. I'll be 19 weeks and the appointment is on Feb. 4th. Can't wait to find out if baby is healthy and the sex so I can start buying things and decorating.

The appointment today went well, fast even. I always forgot to ask her about something thou lol. Good heartbeat and all!!!that never gets old hearing that.

So how have you been? You said u had 2 boys right? School going good?
I think I remember you are a SAHM but I forget if you mentioned anything about your husband??
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