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January 9th, 2013, 08:37 PM
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I'm sorry you're feeling this way! Pregnancy hormones are the worst. I use a homeopathic remedy called Calms by Hyland's, it has chamomile, passionflower and other herbs that help calm you. I use it for when I'm stressing and when I need to sleep. Are you having any trouble sleeping? That can seriously affect your patience in the day-to-day things. There's also something called Rescue Remedy by Bach's that my midwife for my pregnancy with DS recommended, I never tried it but she said it was safe for pregnancy. It's also a herbal remedy. It comes in a mouth spray, a liquid you mix with water, and also little gummy candies.
I also saw some spray online I'd like to try, here's a link for it:
Happy Mama Spray. I haven't tried it but it looked good.
And just plain old lavendar and chamomile are great, maybe some aromatherapy would help you. It's nice to have something you can take that will help right away though, hope this helps!

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