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January 10th, 2013, 04:38 AM
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I happily put in my two weeks yesterday at work. A lot of disputes led up to this decision between me and my boss and many things. The schedule was the final straw. He put me on nights again for two months in a row and that's just not going to happen. My husband and I went through the budget and we can afford for me to quit. Originally I was going to go for another job that I'm in the middle of interviewing for but I'm going to withdraw my application. I think it's best that I stay home with Mason and enjoy my time with him. I never got to do that really. I went back to work when he was three months old and I'm kicking myself everyday because of that. I went to work to pay for our wedding ceremony (we were secretly married but that's all out now lol) but that's now canceled. It's been a busy week in our household lol! Sooooo I'm going to stay at home for awhile and focus on him and school. I'm in school doing prereqs for nursing right now.

My question is for the Doulas out there. I want to work on my Doula certification or just work on becoming a Doula period. There's a volunteer program out here that I think would be a good idea to join to gain experience and get a feel for it. There's a DONA class coming up in March that I think would be smart in taking. My question is how did you take that risk and market yourself to start taking clients? I'm so nervous about that. I've never done anything entrepreneur and I know I would start out by volunteering my services but what a nervous mess I'll be lol. I'm just wondering how you did it? I've been reading everything I can online. I'd call my Doula but I know she's always busy plus she's been established for years so her experience would be different than mine.
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