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January 10th, 2013, 10:30 AM
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Progress! ...ish

Last night was by far the best night in a while! Put Jordan to sleep at 8ish and he was down for a whole hour. Then while I was playing on my iPad in bed, he woke up around 9 and was NOT happy! It took a good 20+ minutes to settle him down (and he refused to eat). I had to stand over his crib swinging AND bouncing him at the same time to get him to fall back to sleep But whatever I did must have worked because he slept 4 whole hours and woke up at 1:30 to eat

He didn't eat very long, despite my trying to keep him awake to get a full belly, but I put him back to bed asleep. The minute I finally went back to sleep myself, he started crying (not just fussing). I went into his room and his eyes were wide open, so I knew that just giving him the paci wouldn't be enough to get him asleep again. Sooo into our bed he went! And little man fell right to sleep along with me He didn't even need the boob OR the paci to do so!

Imagine my surprise when the next time I woke up was with my alarm at 4:30, and little man was still asleep He stirred a bit when I got out of bed and turned my light on, but I gave him the paci and he stayed sleeping until I was ready for work and had to wake him up for his last feed before I had to leave. And this time, he didn't fully wake up when I walked him into his room to feed him He ate for a good 15 minutes and fell asleep, then I switched him and offered the other breast since it was feeling a little full. He took it for 5 minutes, so that was enough to satisfy us both, and I put him in his crib and he stayed asleep for DH until 6:30ish.

All in all, a MUCH better night and morning for all of us! I still worry that we are getting him into "bad habits" by putting him in bed with us every night, but we need our sleep. Plus I figure once he sleeps longer and longer, there will be no need to bring him in with us eventually...

Other good news--I pumped a full 8 oz this AM (4.5 from one side, 3.5 from the other)--enough for 2 whole bottles; and it only took 20 minutes! I hope my body is finally picking up on my demands. However, at my afternoon sessions, I'm only getting about 3 or 4 oz total. I would love to get 2 more bottles in the afternoon, but it just doesn't happen. Fortunately I am able to pump more after picking Jordan up from daycare, especially when they give him a bottle in the late afternoon. So far I am covering his daily demands plus a little extra, but I can't wait to get to the point where I am able to freeze a lot as well. All in due time.

So, that's my awesome Thursday update! I've only been back at work for 1 full week and already I feel like we are making all of the new adjustments work well!

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