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January 10th, 2013, 11:54 AM
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My husband hates all this gender stuff and thinks I am being crazy. At first he was playing along, laughing and being a good sport until I said I can't have an orgasm cuz it changes my ph... his absolute favorite part about our sex life is watching me get off... anyway, I have talked to him about changing our diet for a girl and he was not interested. We eat tomatoes like every single night (big pasta family) and he HAS to have beef in the sauce at least every other time (I don't like beef in it, so we alternate). Anyway, I have successfully avoided using sauce lately and he has been fine with that. But yesterday I found out I should be doing the diet weeks in advance and not just around ovulation... my bad so I decided to try the lime douche and/or tampon method...

I tried to prepare the lime mix while he was working out in the living room so he wouldn't see it and be like what the heck are you doing. It didn't work. He came in there and grabbed the mix and threatened to pour it down the sink... he was saying "this is not healthy, why are you obsessing over it so much, you want a girl so bad that you will put citric acid up there?? that cannot be safe, why can't you just take what you get and be happy?" I tried to explain to him that with his genetics, I am most likely to have all boys (he is one of 4 boys and 1 girl, and all his siblings have had boys so far), and that the relationship you have with boys and girls is equally great but different. I got all mad that he won't even let me try to sway for a girl, and sad that he isn't very supportive of trying something that others feel they have success with. He seemed to feel bad later because he said "even if I don't agree with it, you don't have to be mad at me" and kissed me. Then later we had hot-shower sex with no female o and I did put in a lime tampon for just an hour and a half. I got a positive OPK last night and this morning, so we will probably BD again a few more times... hopefully I can get through the next few days doing girl stuff and then go back to our normal sex activities but if we don't get preggo this cycle, I worry about being able to try to sway again in the future... he is a very amazing husband, I love him to death, but he thinks all this gender swaying is total BS and thinks I am being obsessive over something I don't have any control over and sees that as being unhealthy. We don't fight about many things at all...

Does anyone else have hubbies who don't want to partake in the gender swaying activities??
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