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January 10th, 2013, 06:13 PM
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Probably one of the least invasive techniques is a foley catheter/balloon, however it poses the risk of rupturing your membranes, potentially locking baby in an unfavorable position. But if I were facing an induction I would go with that method because it doesn't involve any drugs.

you could also do the cervical gel, that wouldn't risk your water breaking, but does introduce some medication. Avoid any pill that goes in the cervix.

Hopefully with being 42 weeks your body just needs a little nudge to get going and one of the above methods will get things started without needing pit. You could also consider massage, acupuncture, or other "natural" induction methods. You may consider checking out as sometimes the reason labor hasn't started is baby not being positioned favorably...

Also, don't get discouraged. Dilation/effacement means NOTHING in terms of when labor will start. Women can go from 0 to baby in a matter of a few hours or hang around at 3-6cm for weeks!
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