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January 10th, 2013, 06:29 PM
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I had to be induced due to gestational hypertension (and actually ended up on mag during labor as well). The foley catheter/balloon was my first choice, too, but unfortunately, at least according to my OB, you have to be dilated first (I can't remember how many cm, but I was at 1 cm, and that wasn't enough).

My doctor's method of choice was misoprostol, followed by pitocin if needed. I had heard horror stories about misoprostol, so I did my own research on it and then had a looooong conversation with my OB about it. I ended up doing the misoprostol. After 1 dose I was starting to efface, but still at 1 cm. After 2 doses, I was at 3 cm, my water broke, and baby was born 3 hours later with no further interventions (no pitocin or pain meds).

I would say to do your research and make sure you are informed so that if you do decide to do the induction you feel comfortable that you are making the best choices for YOU. I would also have a long talk with your midwife or OB about what an induction means in terms of restrictions (will you need an IV, will you be restricted to the bed or area around the bed, will you need intermittent or constant monitoring). And I would spend as much time as you can learning about different positions or techniques for laboring with the restrictions. I second Love it!

Induction can be a scary thing when you have been planning to avoid it for so long, but at least for me, information makes it a little less intimidating. And know that even if you are induced you can still have a pain med-free labor!

I hope baby decides to come on her own!
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