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January 11th, 2013, 07:10 AM
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I've gotten a few professional massages in the last two weeks, and did acupressure at home. I can't find an acupuncturist in my area that wants anything to do with 42 weeks labor type acupressure. We were having sex daily, but now DH has the bonafide flu with a 104 temp, so we're in separate rooms. I got the flu shot this year, but so did he. He's on tamiflu and I'm praying I don't get it!

I asked my doctor about the foley cath, and as of now, I am so closed that they couldn't even thread one up my cervix. Argh!

What is extra horrible is that I'm active duty military, and only in control of so much. The way our OB clinic works on base is that you don't have a dedicated doctor, there is a rotating group. I've meet them all, but the weekend they want to induce, none of them are on call, and it's a random local doctor that I've never met! I can't even ask questions about his philosophies ahead of time. The last doc I saw wouldn't even tell me if they'd want to give me something to ripen and send me home, keep me in the hospital, what drug they would use, etc. He just kept saying, "Depends on the doctor."

I supposed I can show up and walk out if the guy is totally unacceptable.
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