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January 11th, 2013, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by c'est_la_vie View Post
That was my first issue, with my oldest. Before I made any choices, I told the Pedi that I would prefer to wait.. and then do one at a time. She told me there was 40 vaccines (which I think was false, there are actually 58? I think) and that some are 3 in 1's, or 4 in 1's & that if she let every parent "do as they please" the whole would would "collapse with illness". Not that I mean anything bad by this, but she came from a very poor & basically 3rd world conditions in South America & fed me literally 45 mins of horror stories.

I felt SO bullied.. No reason to bully ANY PARENT. Give them the ACCURATE info on BOTH sides, let them make the choice!
That sounds so awful I hate when doctors try to force their decisions upon us. When I start looking for a pediatrician or family doctor (I hope I shouldnt have done this already...), I think I'm going to ask their opinions and if they push me too much one direction or another then I'll find somebody else. I wonder if there are truly any doctors out here who offer unbiased advice on this subject lol
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