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January 11th, 2013, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Beachbabies View Post
We vaccinate but we opt out of hep b at birth and wait until they are older to catch up on that one.
I think that's great. This is one of the reasons I think people should educate first before they vaccinate, though. So many people just say "I did research. I think it's best." and their research is basically "My doctor/the CDC told me to do it". That's not, IMO, research. AND, IMO, it's fine if people choose to vaccinate for those reasons alone. It's their child and their decision But I think think people should educate first (even though I respect if they don't) which is why encourage it.

Hep B is a great example. Most people who research, IMO, decide to at least delay that one, unless they have circumstances where it would be beneficial for their baby to be vaccinated for Hep B. Of course, I do realize some people may educate themselves and still get the HepB shot at birth, but I'm just saying I think LESS people would (w/ the HepB specifically) if they understood more about each vaccine, it's purpose, and it's risks.
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