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January 11th, 2013, 09:24 AM
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My first two got hep b at birth. simply, at the time, I thought, "the professionals say these vaccines help and this is when to get them so that is what I will do". I'm glad everything worked out, but in retrospect I wish had educated myself first. I still might have vaccinated, but I think for sure I would have skipped a few/delayed a few (including the hep b at birth). of course, once my son had a reaction and I looked into my family history regarding vaccines, I realized delayed/selective wasn't what was best for us, but if you took that history away I still might have made *slightly* different choices if I'd known more. I think that's why I'm so "pro-choice" but "please educate yourself first" about this issue. I won't judge anyone who chooses not to educate first, though, because I know what it's like to blindly follow along and think nothing of it. I know I loved my kids and was doing what was best for them, even though I didn't think at the time I needed to educate myself more.
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