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January 11th, 2013, 10:13 AM
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I noticed this week via a string of coincidences (reading about this phenomenon as well as experiencing it myself) that it comes to me right out of the blue - but crucially, it comes when I am relaxed. Not when I am busy rushing around; not when I am forcing myself to do work or catching up with readings; not when I have a million chores to do and get stressed. When I am sitting, lying or walking quietly. Reading and completely relaxed, or listening to music and completely relaxed. Watching TV or chatting to a friend and completely relaxed. It just hits me from out of left field when my mind is empty, when I am just BEING, not doing. I honestly think I have finally come to a state of living and being mostly in the moment. I really feel I am "getting it" all of a sudden.

So many intuitions have flowed this week! The way I know the difference is that the voice is different. I really should name the frantic, controlling, negative voice in my head like you named your Gladys, Terri. He has a frantic, shrieky, quick voice that talks ten to the dozen. When I hear my higher self, or one of my angels, it sounds calm, cadent, resonant. It sounds like love. I am even noticing differences between different angels, subtle ones. Sandalphon almost sings. Michael has a deep, deliberate and purposeful voice which matches his straightforward and purposeful messages.

You know when you said things were really going to take off for me spiritually this year, Terri?

You were R.I.G.H.T.

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