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January 11th, 2013, 11:55 AM
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Oh oh oh! Jumping back in, I forgot something:

I totally forgot that Chase got a bad allergic reaction to one of his 6 month vaccines. He had the normal 6 month ones plus TWO flu shots (that was the year when swine flu had it's own vaccine). The doctors weren't sure which of them caused it, but their thought was that it was one or both of the flu vaccines (because he had the other ones at 4 months with no reaction). The pediatrician was REALLY leaning towards it being the h1n1 vaccine because it was so new... I DID decide that I would not get him any "new" vaccines ever again, after that. The following year we skipped the flu vaccine because I was scared (actually I think I skipped it 2 years in a row now that I think about it), and got it for him this year (the combined vaccine), through the nasal mist not injection and he didn't have any issues.

This is what the rash looked like if anyone is interested in seeing it:

You can see his left eye is swollen shut

And this is a better view of the rash itself.

So yeah, just wanted to put that out there for new moms trying to figure out which direction to go.

I think a lot of us, no matter which side we're on, have reservations here and there. As pro-vaccine as I am, I was terrified after this happened. I also am thinking of skipping the chickenpox vaccine with this baby because Chase got the vaccine and then got the chicken pox TWICE after! Oy! I'd rather him just get the chicken pox and get it out of the way lol

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