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January 11th, 2013, 01:07 PM
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Tuesday morning, Jan 8th we get to the hospital a little after 6am for our induction. They get us to our room pretty quickly, get changed and the monitors hooked up. They said they would watch me for a bit and would be back. A new nurse (The one who was with us the rest of delivery) came in around 6:50am or so and started my IV and said that I was contracting about every minute, more like an irritable uterus (I couldn't feel them) that they technically couldn't start pitocin so she hooked me up to a couple bags of fluid to try and get them to stop.

Around 7:40 the Dr came in and checked me before starting the pit and I was already easily 3cm and 50% effaced. They then started the pit and he said he'd be back in a couple hrs to break my water. I started contracting slowly and it was mainly in my back. Around 10am the DR came in and checked me and I was 4cm and he broke my water. Pretty quickly after that is when the contractions got very painful and close together. Idr what time it was but at some point I got an iv pain med but it didn't really take the pain away just made them a little easier to deal with but that only lasted maybe 30min. Again, I have no idea what time it was but I asked her to check and see if I've changed anyway before I decided on the epi and she said I was about 6cm so I told her I'd get it. Before I could though she had to give me some sorta bag of fluids in the IV and if I had known this I would've asked sooner because by the time that got through and he got up there from doing other people it was probably 45 min or so, which I guess isn't that bad but when your in that much pain it feels like forever! I guess she sees that my contractions are getting worse because she checks me right before the anesthesiologist arrives and I'm 7-8cm.

He comes in and its sooo hard for me to sit still because of the contractions. She said she stopped the pit so that the contractions would ease off but the only thing they did was get shorter but not less painful or close together. He got it in about 11:45am and it took about 30min for it to fully start working. About 12:20 is when it started fully working and she checked me I was 9cm but she said his head was kinda high so even if I got to 10cm they would let me labor a bit so that I wouldn't have to push long. His heart rate starts decreasing and she's having a hard time getting a reading and she says its because he's moving down the birth canal. She checks me and I'm 10cm and she puts one of those heart monitors that just sticks to the babys head. I also have to put on the oxygen mask and turn on my right side and his heart rate comes back up. The Dr comes in they start setting up (idk about the time here sorry, the clock was the last of my concerns lol) and I push through 4 or 5 contractions and he was born!

1:01pm, 8lbs 2oz and 21inches! He pooped as he was coming out so the Dr had to suck his mouth out but then he started crying. DH also says he thinks the cord was around his neck cause the Dr grab him fast and it looked like he twisted the cord from around his neck. They lay him on me for a minute or two and start rubbing him down but then they take him to the little table to check him over. He scored 7/9 on the APGAR, I think it was a bit low because he was purplish looking for the first bit. The Dr. said I only had a tiny tear but it took him a while to stitch it up so I asked him if everything was alright down there () and he says yea its just the way I tore was making it hard to stich. So idk if I tore sideways or something I didn't think to ask. He said I was doing good and didn't tear with his head, it was his shoulders that made me tear.

Things are going pretty good. He nursed a couple times in the hospital, one of the times took me 1 &1/2 hrs to get him latched on good, then the rest of the time I gave him the premade formula. We're home now and he's been getting formula and pumped breast milk. My milk came in yesterday and I bought a manual pump. He actually nursed a couple times yesterday but its weird because sometimes he will try and latch on and it takes about 5-10 min for us to get it, but then it works out good and then other times he won't even try he just screams until I use the bottle. So i'm not really sure if we'll end up being able to breastfeed, if I'll keep pumping or if we'll go straight to formula. I think its going to be hard to pump every 2hrs, feed him and be here by myself with both of them. But I feel bad if I don't give him atleast breast milk in the bottle. DS took formula and was fine but I still feel bad. Also my left breast gets really full but milk comes out easily and I get about 3oz in just 10-15min. My right one though gets full also but the milk comes out very slow and I get no relief as far as emptying it out because I'd have to sit for 30min just to get a bit of relief since it comes out so slow but I can't sit and pump that long because that nipple is so sore and peeling. It just got like that since yesterday evening. I'm hoping it starts doing better in the next day or two, I figure its just where my milk has come in. I'm doing hot compresses, shower and massage before I pump but its not really working.

Ok now that I wrote a book I will end my birth story now I am very happy with how things went and am in love with my Dr, i'm so glad I chose to go to him

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