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January 11th, 2013, 01:43 PM
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Hi everyone!

I'm new here and not really use to boards. Hoping get extra advise and support. My husband and I have been non preventing for 3+ years( not hardcore trying, still keeping it fun). In the first year we had to 4 very early on miscarriages. We have seen 3 different doctors they all seem to make us seem like dumbos that don't know how the human body works. I'll be 26 soon business owner. my husband is 32 has a 6 yr old boy from previous relationship. Yet after making many appt. with one doc he is finally realizing something might really be going on.

We are fine with not having children together we have my wonderful step son, there are so many amazing kids that need homes as well as foster children. It just the not knowing why things are working as easy as they do far most others.

To the science part... Blood comes back normal, husbands sperm are Olympic swimmers, ovulation is sometimes off seems to come later than I think it should yet Dr isn't too worried about that. I had an HSG Test done today everything looked normal and in working order... Still have to go for follow up.

So what do we do next, what are things you guys have done to get your Dr to figure out the solution. I figured my Doctors would be thrilled to get another pregnant lady coming in every month for check ups...

What am I missing!?
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