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January 11th, 2013, 05:16 PM
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I BF exclusively on demand on my days off every 1-3 hrsI work three days per week 12.5hr shifts. I BF at 530am before work and pump 5-7 oz at 8am, 11am, 2pm, and 530pm. I BF as soon as I get out of my work clothes at 830pm and again before 11 when Luke usually is done until 2-4ish am. Occasionally Eddie brings Lukas to me on my lunch around 12 or 1ish so I adjust my schedule to match his feedings. If Eddie has to feed baby off schedule he texts me so I pump at the same time. Once I had to BF Luke in the parking lot at 730pm because as soon as he heard my voice getting in the car he demanded boobies. I sometimes pump at 2-4ish am because I wake up engorged and get 7 to 9oz. Occasionally I wake Lukas to eat if I don't feel like pumping. I'm using a brand new Medela PIS I splurged on last week when my milk dropped and I got worried. I love my new pump! Before that I was using my old PIS that I bought 11yrs ago. I worked yesterday and Lukas was up every 2-3 hrs all night to eat and is eating every 1-2hrs today and spitting up more than usual. He's being a little piggy and keeping my boobies making a ton of milk.
~Selena, mom to 3 boys: Alex 10, William 8. and Baby boy #3 Lukas Araya born 10/28/2012

Lukas was born with moderate to severe metopic craniosynostosis with trigonocephaly. Corrective surgery performed March 18, 2013. We are on the other side!!!
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