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January 11th, 2013, 07:19 PM
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We were supposed to tell DH's family last week but the Christmas party got moved to this week because one of his cousin's had a basketball game tonight at a local highschool. They live 45 minutes away.

Well, we were late because I started babysitting this week and the mother was late and got caught in traffic. So, half of his family was leaving for the game when we pulled up. Once inside only his parents and sister were left. His Mom took DDs coat off and didn't notice her Big Sister shirt. I didn't make a big deal because I already felt like it was ruined. Then his Mom and step-dad left for the game. Finally, his sister noticed. She was super excited and his Dad was too. But then they all just started lecturing DH since I guess they felt they could since it was a more private party by this time. DH was really hurt. His sister and her boyfriend are only 19. A lot of things they had to say were right but it was not encouraging at all. I feel bad. DH is a selfish person but I have seen so much change in him. It's times like these that makes me think he will regress.

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