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January 12th, 2013, 01:04 PM
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Ben's first spelling bee was today! This was for all homeschoolers in the metro, grades K thru 8th (he's in 4th, but we registered him as 1st grade, because that's what he would be if he were in PS). He came in 7th place over-all, and he got a framed award for best sportsmanship! (Seriously... sportsmanship is NOT his strong suit, so I was more thrilled about that than the 7th place thing.) Honestly, he should've won. He got nervous on stage and reversed two letters (evaluate = evaulate). He knew that, and every single word after that. Next year, he'll be less stressed out about the whole thing. I'm very proud! I kinda thought he'd get nervous and screw up on the first round. He didn't get nervous until he realized how few kids were left.

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