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January 12th, 2013, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by keekopeeko View Post
BTW I am curious what sort of educating is there that should be done about posterior positioned babies?? Am I missing something?
It could just be the area where I lived (very rural) with my last two babies, but upon arrival at the hospital they discovered while checking me for progress that baby was posterior and they explained to us it was unsafe to deliver posterior babies without an epidural. They said that without the epidural things remain too tight and it becomes a dangerous situation for baby. They said the epidural allows for every muscle to relax (and let your body tense only the ones required). My husband and I were both baffled as I wasn't in pain... well a little I guess, but maybe a 3/10 which for 7cm isn't bad at all. Now I don't (and my children) don't react well to medication at all, but the doctors really stressed that the use of the epidural outweighs any negative side effects of the medication (which we currently don't believe to be true in our case). Also with my first, the doctor told us that baby wouldn't be able to make it through the birth canal (I wasn't allowed to switch positions, just sitting on the birthing bed) without assistance, so they used the vacuum and episiotomies were performed. Many things went wrong with both deliveries, and part of the problem was with our first we never had really looked into what a posterior presentation entailed, and with our second the Dr's had thought baby was presenting perfect a few days before and said our chances of two posties in a row was slim to none. With this baby, I want to be prepared. We want to know the truth about posterior deliveries, risks to baby and mama, best delivery positions, positions to avoid, is medication really necessary... I don't know. I just feel medication was excessive and useless with my first two and that birthing position would have made all the difference in the world, kwim??
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