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January 12th, 2013, 07:14 PM
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I've only been (fairly unsuccessfully) following parts of an endo diet for two cycles.
-I switched to decaf coffee (still drink regular green tea... I figure the antioxidants will even things out, heheh). So happy about that (caffeine has dioxins).
-Increased fibre (Metamucil, and I am eating more greens/salads)
-Reduced milk (switched to mainly almond/rice)
-Eat a little less bread (failing), and more whole grain choices (pasta)
Oh... and I don't use tampons... I mostly use cloth pads (tampons are full of dioxins).

I asked, and my new doctor doesn't believe in dietary changes affecting endo's growth. I think his views are ignorant but to each their own. I do believe it can help, especially when it comes to dairy, gluten, high fat, and caffeine.

I'm not giving up my occasional wine and beer

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