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January 13th, 2013, 01:59 AM
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Charting... I charted for several months before trying to have an accurate-ish idea of my cycles.
BD was essential to be had say 2 days each side of O day max.
OPK didnt work for me to be honest.

My diet with my 2 girls was REALLY acidic. Thanks to my coca cola addiction at the time
About a week ish before the deed, I ensured by body was as alkaline as possible.

if your dh WANTS a boy.. im sorry to tell him... theres NO whacking off... absolutely NO masturbation for like 1 week at LEAST. You need there to be plentiful supplies, not depleted leftovers...

That said, the baking powder test worked for me and was correct. The lower HCG was correct for me (for boy( [email protected] 12 weeks -161 so the heart rate was false.

Have sex often all through the cycle. Every 2nd day would be great. Would avoid sex on O date and 1 day either side though.
Enjoy an acidic diet.

I planned this pg, first cycle SUCCESS in all three pregnancies. (The first one I was only off the pill for a month!) I planned everything from the timing (starsign) to the gender,Just be very aware of your cycles... to the day... Id not go as far as looking at a clock and shoving a thermometer in.... whatever you do, dont stress

good luck!!!!
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