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January 13th, 2013, 02:15 AM
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Hi there, I would think he would not be so crazy if he didnt think you were so obsessed. You need to start being less vocal about why youre doing things.
Do them covertly.
I know it helps to talk these things out with dh but youre going to luck out

No, that said... I have 2 X girls... I am now pg with a boy and let me tell you it was planned.

You are in luck though..since you want a girl... IMO dump everything youve been doing. Just have sex A LOT... (he will be thrilled) My diet was like burgers, A LOT OF coca cola... (not that it is healthy per-se) but my diet was honestly and naturally acidic as hell...

You need to trash charting and any other stuff, relax, have sex a lot and i would be pretty surprised if you ended up with a boy lol

I feel pregnant first cycle with all my 3, and planned each gender (and star sign) lol

enjoy!!! good luck
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