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January 13th, 2013, 06:58 PM
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Today I am 9dpo.. and I am not feeling well. Last night I really thought I was getting the Flu. I feel a bit better today, but still not 100%. I feel like someone has wrapped elastic bands around my body and are slowly squeezing from my cervix up to my ribs... At one point last night I was convinced my stomach had moved into my chest cavity. All signs of the flu.. but I have no fever, I still have an appetite... hopefully I don't get too much worse.

I've been testing for a few days now. I always test early. We've been seeing what I was pretty sure were some evaps.

This afternoon I took 3 tests, back to back from the same pee. #3 looks like this:

(same test) Pregnancy Test Gallery - Image #88207 | Countdown to Pregnancy

Number one looked like this:

some major contrast editing:

(same test) Pregnancy Test Gallery - Image #88208 | Countdown to Pregnancy

I don't have my hopes up, but they are not as far into the gutter as they were last night when I read that those who rely on some sort of ACA to be brought in to afford to have kids are unworthy of having them. That we are unstable etc. We rely on the government for nothing other than unemployment. It is not our fault that DH's company offers crappy benefits. Not everyone is blessed to work for companies that offer fantastic packages, your lives would be considerably less comfortable (remember, my husband restores power plants... you like your power right?) without people like my husband who end up having to make some sacrifices for decent wages. Insurance isn't affordable if you buy your own, and it's practically useless. $8000 out of pocket before anything is covered.. for just ME, isn't something we can afford at all. We'd be looking at 1/3 of our income going to just premiums and deductible, and with my Thyroid disorder I NEED a plan that covers lab work.. most don't.

I've been holding it since I took the last tests. That was 4 hours ago. I'm probably another hour-90 minutes before I will HAVE to go... I'm hoping that's nice and concentrated.


My cervix has dropped, it is wide open (I can fit the tip of my middle finger inside the outer opening) and it comes back with red blood. I'm done... I'm so over all this.
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