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January 13th, 2013, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by plan4fate View Post
This is very true. And pretty much the lucky card I drew.
At least we know there are some out there who's goal ISN'T to make our lives difficult, lol

Originally Posted by Keakie View Post
You know, my first reaction while reading that was a huge roll of my eyes and thinking, "Sure, lady. You say that now." Once upon a time, my dsc's bm and I exchanged the, "I don't want this to be awkward. I'm sad about the divorce, but happy with the way life is moving forward." messages. She was full of crap, and couldn't be more vindictive, miserable and hateful at present time. It makes me really *sad* that that's the first response that stirred in me.

I'm really happy that some people are able to have that sort of relationship. I wish it were more common.
I kind of thought that a little bit too. I think deep down it's what a single mom WOULD want. Would I be capable of being that honest and open and "she's OUR baby now," with Eric's new wife if we ever divorced? Probably not. That realization alone helps me not freak out so much when BM asserts her role as O's mom.

But I think deep down, it's what people want. And should want.

A lot of people commented and said they would never be able to feel that way if their husbands remarried. And I think a lot of that is because they are still WITH their husbands.

if I ended up having a child with my ex? I have no feelings for him whatsoever, so yeah I think I could be happy if said child had a good relationship with their stepmom.
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