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January 13th, 2013, 09:28 PM
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I am going to test tomorrow because I think I may be pregnant (I have the mirena iud in place) I have notice that in the last couple of days/ week my tummy has stopped shrinking and now is very bloated at the end of the day (my only pregnancy sign with Aden) and I swear I felt flutters the other night (may have been gas but I don't remember gas) I have prolly freaked myself out because of corse I did dr google and when I got mirena put in they said failure was 1 in 1000 now I am reading 8 in 1000 which is alot more then 1 but not a rediculius amount. I will let you know how it goes I have faith that I would never be dealt anything I can't handle I just feel a little freaked out and small!

Thanks ladies!

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