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January 14th, 2013, 04:56 AM
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I think as a mom you have every right to make an informed decision to not go past 42 weeks. It's your body and your baby and if you're not comfortable with it then it's your call. I personally don't know if I would go past 42 weeks. I know NSTs are there for a reason and I may would consent to one but I don't know. I wasn't in that situation because my water broke way before then. Every mom should have that right to make that decision if baby is doing okay. I would personally get nervous but I know that many babies are born fine past 42 weeks. I hope yours come before the 18th. I know one mom on here had 0 labor signs and was completely closed and went into full labor at 42 weeks and delivered at home in 6 hours. She used black cohosh I believe the night before maybe? Not sure. Her names Melissa.
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