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January 14th, 2013, 07:49 AM
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My grandpa has had a really rough couple of months. My grandma was in the hospital for 3 weeks (he was by her side every waking moment) before she passed away a week before Thanksgiving. They were married for 68 years. Shortly after that, he started having major shoulder problems. He needed a total shoulder replacement, but is not a candidate bc of of his cardiac issues. He had a less major operation on it 3 days after Christmas. He is still struggling to heal from that and last night, he slipped on a wet floor in a restaurant bathroom and it looks like he has broken his hip. They will know something more detailed after his MRI today. He is 87 and that, along with his cardiac issues, makes his very grave for him. I was with him in the ER last night and he was in agony. The man is a beast, a pain tolerance like no one I have ever seen. Insisted he wasn't in terrible pain during two heart attacks, so if he was complaining he was in pain, it had to be excruciating. These last couple of months have been so hard on him and all of the trauma is starting to cause him to get confused at times.

Please pray for wisdom for the doctors to be able to help him, for pain relief, and for a speedy recovery. Thanks!
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