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January 14th, 2013, 08:19 AM
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I had one and needed it! My water broke before I was in active labor, so they gave me something called cerividil (sp?) to try and jump start my labor bc I was hoping to avoid pitocin. Apparently, it doesn't work for anyone. Well, it got my contractions going. They were really hard, one on top of the other, and unproductive. They took out the cerividil and it still didn't stop. After 12 hours, I was screaming for the epidural. I still didn't deliver for another 16.5 hours, even with pitocin. If I hadn't had the epidural, I think I would have end up with a c- section bc I would have been too exhausted to push. I'm pretty sure they turned it off when I pushed bc the delivery was really painful and I was able to walk on my own really soon after delivery. I didn't have any pain or lasting effects.

I have the hypno babies thing and I tried it, but when the contractions were coming so hard, so fast, and I wouldn't completely over before I started spiking for another, I just couldn't do it anymore. I'm going to try it again this time since I already have it, but if I need the epi, I need it and I'm not ashamed. Childbirth is hard.
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