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January 14th, 2013, 10:50 AM
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I didnt have any epi even tho i was on pitocin for my water breaking without having contractions. I had no pain meds at all. I did have a 24 hour labor...and I used the shower to help relax me. And slept thru the contractions from 4 cm until 7 cm....i was that tired. (Just to add that it can be done without meds while on pitocin!)
Also two of my best friends had epis and both still have extreme pain at the injection two years later...the other three years later(different hospitals) and both had pretty bad spinal headaches for weeks (one of them was so bad I had to help her with baby cuz lights and loud noises and standing were all hard for her to handle for three weeks) Another friend had an epi due to an emergency c section (i was there and was her labor buddy) and they kept jabbing her and not getting it right so jab again. She was sobbing trying not to move. I got pissed and told the guy if they didnt do it right id kick him in the junk(Im overprotective of those i care about) he finally got it right so she could have her c section. (I was the first to hold my godson but she also had alot of pain for weeks after that she swore was worse than her incision site.
So....all that said I would never get an epi and after watching my three friends go thru a bunch of nonsense from them....I will always reccomend to not use a epi and use other natural pain relief...whether it be water...or hypno etc as ways to deal with pain.

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