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January 14th, 2013, 10:57 AM
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I was terrified of getting an epidural, partly because of the needle but also because I was undergoing an induction and everything i read said that using pitocin and an epidural can stall out your labor.

Eventually my doctor told me that my body was so stressed that it was already stalling out. The epidural would allow me to rest and my body will relax and allow the labor to continue. Which it did. Within a couple of hours I began to dilate more steadily, my contractions became more productive, etc. And i got a lot of sleep.

The only issue I had was that my epidural needle fell out. I woke up to feeling a dull but spreading pain in my left side. They upped my dosage but it was just leaking down my back. 2 hours later of screaming and horrific pain the anesthesiologist finally came into my room and held up the disconnected needle.

Hours later I felt the same build up of pain and panicked and started button mashing to get my nurse in ASAP. She checked the needle and all was well. I asked her how I'll know when the baby is ready. She said I would feel a lot of pressure on my pelvis and I'll feel a need to poop really badly. Then she LEFT. 5 minutes later I called her back in and made her check me. My kid's head was RIGHT THERE.

*NOTE* If you feel ANY pain or pressure after getting an epidural make the nurse check the NEEDLE first and then check to see if the baby's head is coming out.

Putting the needle in is no big deal. The only part of the process you will feel is when they give you a numbing shot and that is just like a tap and a teeny tiny prick (less than when you accidentally prick yourself while sewing). The hardest part of the whole process will be relaxing your back/muscles enough for them to slip it in. The first time I was so scared I was sobbing. The second time my contractions were so hard and painful it was very difficult to relax.

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