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January 14th, 2013, 11:15 AM
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I had an epi...i couldnt mentally handle the pain and I couldnt relax to breath. They hit a nerve when putting it in and that was not fun! But, I was so distraught by that point I basically emotionaly collapsed lol. Anyway, when it set in it was HEAVEN! I was like on cloud nine all smiles!

I plan to get it again this time but with my last I was on pitocen and I have been told natural contractions and pitocen cobtractions are very hoping to avoid pit this time! My son had his head sideways so he wouldnt budge after three hrs of pushing. I had to get foreceps or a csection. I chose foreceps. There is no way I could have done foreceps without the Epi! It was harsh! No regrets though.

So yeah this time I am going into itas before,gping yo take it moment by moment. I have no problem getting an Epi again and probably will. I did have a pain in my back for a few days after the birth but nothing that didnt go away.
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