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January 14th, 2013, 03:16 PM
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I've had two miserable epidural experiences and will not have another ever. I had no lasting headache or back pain after either one. The needle going in and everything did not really hurt and was a lot less scary than I was expecting.

The problem I had was neither one of mine worked. With DD, it started working on my right side only. They rolled me over to my left side to try to get it to "spread" that point it stopped working on my right side as well. It finally kicked in right before I started pushing, just enough to make my pushing completely ineffective because I couldn't feel what I was doing. I pushed for an hour and a half.

With DS, my epidural did not work on either side. They spent hours tossing me from side to side, pulling the epidural out and reinserting it, tilting me all different directions on the bed, etc. The worst part was that I had a urinary catheter that they would not take out in the event that my epidural started working. I could feel it the entire time and it was almost more uncomfortable than the contractions. Never again will I go through that.

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