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January 14th, 2013, 06:02 PM
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It was okay for me. I couldn't feel anything so I was clueless when I was having contractions. I also couldn't feel to push so it took forever. Two hours after delivery, I had the shakes so bad. They kept wrapping warm blankets around me but I couldn't stop. I also had a really hard time breastfeeding Lily. Latching the hospital was so hard and it didn't go much better at home. The back ache lasted for months. These are the mild side effects. My sister's epis with baby #2 and #3 didn't work on her inductions. She had no coping skills for contractions so they were miserable labors for her. A former co-worker had paralysis in her right leg for months that required physical therapy.

My entire labor and delivery the second time was so much better without the epi. My mind did not register the contractions as pain. They just happened and I hummed through them until the next one. Delivery was a breeze with no stitches (as opposed to crazy amounts of stitches and sitting on a donut pillow for weeks with Lily). I was up walking an hour after delivery and didn't have the shakes. Breastfeeding the second time was a lot easier even with her tongue tie and reflux. She latched immediately after she was checked out, when Lily wouldn't until hours later

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