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January 14th, 2013, 09:04 PM
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Wow years? I cannot imagine how that was for you I started to lose faith after 6-7 months. your situation is the opposite I got pregnant with DD right away and this time it took almost a year I had a miscarriage in June. I can relate that I feel like something is going to happen all the time and get nervous easily. I don't know is size has anything to do with feeling flutters bc with DD I was thin and did not feel a flutter, the 1st movement I felt was a hard kick so hard it loved my whole stomach!
I CANNOT WAIT until your ultrasound! You should text me as soon as you get done I really hope you mom doesn't ruin the moment for your family during your u/s. I would have to put my foot down on the stranger older sis is always trying to do that put DD yells stranger danger it is really funny sometimes.
Too bad I'm not coming home this weekend we could have maybe met at the mall and did some shopping together, I will be in Mn the following weekend.
I will not find out the sex on the 29th we will continue to be team surprise so it will just be a scan to see all the baby parts- the potty shot!

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