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January 14th, 2013, 11:44 PM
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I am 15 weeks pregnant. We already know she is a girl. We needed to have a CVS done due to some Chromosome mutations that run in the family. I have been on bed rest since Christmas. 2 days after the procedure I started bleeding. Spotting is normal but not blood. The blood got heavier it wasn't straight blood though, it was like bloody mucus & not in my pad only when I peed. There were also little clots sized anywhere from pea size to quarter size. I went to the doctor, both my OB & the high risk center that I go to, that day. Both ultrasounds showed her fine, great heart, healthy placenta, long & closed cervix, no blood around her. So we just waited to see what the outcome would be while on bedrest. I have been on bed rest for 4 weeks. I was just released this past Thursday to light duty because the blood completely stopped. Within two days the blood was back full force, clots & all. Again ultra sound shows she is fine, no bleeding around her, strong heart, healthy placenta. They examined me and they can see the blood coming from my cervix however, it looks healthy, not irritated & again, long and closed. They don't know why it's bleeding. The ultra sound tech called the doctors back in the room and informed them that he also found a few blood vessels bleeding in between the baby & placenta. They are so small that they dont feel like its contributing a lot of the blood but of course if they get bigger or dont go away, they can pose a whole new world of problems for both her and I. So I am back on bed rest. They are now just worried about me getting clots from being on bed rest so much and talking about putting me on blood thinners however, are worried that would worsen the blood from the cervix and blood vessels. I have an appointment tomorrow to discuss a further path but I am curious if any other mommies have had similar situations. I find it confusing that they can't figure out why the cervix is bleeding and why it only does when I get up from bed rest. Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm at a loss. This is my 3rd child, I have never had problems with bleeding in any other pregnancy. Carried both children to term. Help please!
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