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January 15th, 2013, 06:17 AM
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When I was pg with DD, we wanted a boy soooooo bad. Everyone was sure she was a boy. When we had our anatomy scan and found out it was a girl, I cried... a lot... so much so that the ultrasound tech was CLEARLY annoyed at me. Then we went out shopping and all of the Easter egg shades of the girls section in BRU made me cry again. It was ridiculous. After a few days, I got myself together and got excited. I did some more shopping and found stuff that I liked.

When DD arrived, I couldn't imagine having a boy instead. She was just wonderful. When she was 2 weeks old, we made the 350 mile drive to my grandparents' house from where we lived at the time to take DD to see my grandmother for her birthday. My grandmother was not well for many years and she couldn't do much for herself anymore, wasn't really with it some of the time, and could only occasionally form a coherent sentence. But, when she held my little girl (setting the boppy in her lap and laying DD in it, she could "hold" her), the two of them formed an instant connection. Somehow, she was able to form sentences to talk to this little girl. And Anna was completely mesmerized by her. Their relationship really only grew from there. One of Anna's first 10 words was Nanny. She would climb the side of the wheelchair to kiss her. And even when my grandmother couldn't form words, we could tell what she was trying to say b/c she said it in the same tone and with the same facial expressions that I remember her using with the rest of us when we were little. It was truly beautiful. Nanny passed away two months ago (two months ago today, actually) and Anna still asks for her. (Anna will be two and a half at the end of next month.) She loves her so much and we have beautiful pictures to remember their relationship by.

I really don't think that my grandmother would have formed the same connection to a boy. She had 3 girls and 4 granddaughters before there was a single boy in the family and then it was all boys- 1 grandson and 4 great-grandsons. I think a little girl took her back to happier times. I think God knew that our family needed a little girl. And He always knows best. I was bitterly disappointed after the u/s, but I wouldn't trade my little girl for anything in the entire world. And the joy that she brought to my grandmother made us all love her that much more.

I'm certainly not putting anyone down for having gender disappointment b/c I have a heinous offender (and probably would have been this time if this baby hadn't been a girl- how things change), but I do think that God gives us each exactly the child that He has created for us and while our vision is so short sighted, He sees much further. Just wanted to encourage you! (But I do hope your u/s was right, girls are wonderful!)
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