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January 15th, 2013, 06:53 AM
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Finally get back on here for a bit after getting back to work and I am so excited to see so much activity in this forum!!

I haven't watched Parenthood - thanks sooo much for another series to suck me into lol I have heard its good too.

que - I'm so excited for you to be starting this program!! We need all the support we can get in the "natural" world.

ninjacakes - I love photography, I think it's so much fun that you get to do it and get paid!! lol We just got a Nikon D5100 for ou Christmas gift this year and sooo excited to learn how to use it.

I love chit chat and frankly, I am right there with you ladies in not having much on friend time. I am a transplant here as well and it seems I just havent made any good friends. And then finding time to do things with them is not always possible. AND - I love to talk about natural childbirth lol I am like a geek about it. That and breastfeeding and DIY. So finding a crowd that can appreciate it is sometimes tough. Obvously you guys do or you wouldn't be here.
Proud momma of 3 - 2 his and one ours
due with #4 in November, still nursing #3!

I love to blog, although I don't have much time for it recently... I will be back at it as soon as I can!
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