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January 15th, 2013, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by MissyBee View Post
That's awesome! I'm jealous! I still haven't felt anything that I know is the baby. I think it's because of my anterior placenta. (Which the dr said I had at 11 weeks, but hasn't checked it since then, so I'm assuming she was right and it's still the same?) I wanna feel baby!!
I had an anterior placenta with both my girls so I hardly felt kicking throughout my pregnancy. So far this time its over my cervix (for now).

Originally Posted by ashleykathleen View Post
That's awesome!

I was due the end of November with my son and was always trailing everyone else. He was born middle of November so you never know, you may be ahead of several of us eventually!
My oldest was due Nov 7th and came Oct 12th. My youngest was due Nov 16th and came Oct 29th. I'm not thinking I will make it to July and even my OB said I wont make it that far either

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