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January 15th, 2013, 06:30 PM
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Originally Posted by gustka48 View Post
My husband and I right now are NTNP so we aren't really thinking of gender swaying at all. But my mother is a midwife and from what I've heard:

Male sperm swim faster but 'die' sooner and then female sperm swim slower but live longer.

Meaning, if you have sex very close to ovulation, chances are higher that you'll have a boy because they boy sperm use all their enegry to get their first, and if ovulation is very close to that time, then the boys have a higher chance.

And if you have sex around ovulation a day or two before, then you have higher chance of getting a girl, because they swim slower to the egg but live longer because they didn't use all their engery to get there. So that if it's a little ways away from ovulation the boys would have all died before the egg has dropped!

Just a thought!
I know some people don't believe in this, but it rang very true for me. And, I always knew exactly when I ovulated bc I would get ovulation pain, plus positive OPK's.

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