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January 15th, 2013, 07:33 PM
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Oh my gosh I am soooo happy!!! Our SUV is working again. It has been not working for 7 months while my mechanic brother and DH have fiddled with and replaced quite a few things. SOOO i took it on myself to try and figure it out...thanks google lol. And i decided well thats it I am gonna get a new battery and battery cables(even tho lights etc) the truck would just click...and thanks to lots of searching i found that if the battery isnt getting enough power to the starter relay then no starter. So i got it all done MYSELF...then DH comes home....goes to start her up...and she locks out everything with her alarm(she has a picky alarm) so i reset it...key in....turn.....and Vrooom shes alive!!!! This truck always gives DH probs and loves me....should have known itd take me workin out her problems. LMAO thats my Cookie

Oh didnt word that was DH she locked out that still cracks me up

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